Misty Moos Farm Stay & Produce

Hannam Vale Valley, Mid North Coast, NSW


Misty Moos is owned and operated by Gary and Lesley Dingley.  We are only the 3rd owner of this magnificent rural property.   Initially established in the 1800s the farm was operated as a dairy farm for more than 100 years.  Today we are proud to raise grass-fed beef and dairy cattle who enjoy and thrive on the lush pastures this beautiful farm provides.  Our paddocks are alive to the hum of buzzing bees as we have several beehives dotted throughout the farm as part of our overall drive towards holistic and regenerative farming.  Misty Moos enjoys an abundance of magnificent fauna (especially the bird life) and flora (the Moreton Bay fig trees are wonderful) and the overall good annual rainfall means that our paddocks are generally lush and verdant green.

Misty Moos Farm
Aerial view of dam and farmland
Misty Moos Farm

Meet your Hosts

Gary and Lesley Dingley
Gary and Lesley Dingley

We have always had a love for nature, the outdoors, and animals.  Misty Moos is the culmination of our long-held dream to own and to operate a country property.  

Gary attended an agricultural boarding school and always retained an interest in farming and an enormous love of the land. Gary is also the “biltong guy” and produces our own range of biltong, droe wors (dry sausage) and “paddock to plate” grassfed black angus beef plus of course the hive to home honey.  

Lesley particularly enjoys managing the farm stay accommodation and the opportunity to be host to our guests.  

Together it is our pleasure to provide our guests with the means to enjoy the various aspects of rural life,  to develop an appreciation for the beauty of the country and all that it has to offer.  

We look forward to welcoming you and your family not only to relax and to enjoy the peace, tranquillity and invigorating fresh air but also to share the opportunity to see a working farm,  to view our cattle and bees up close and to obtain an appreciation as to where our food comes from.  Guests are welcome to walk in the paddocks, enjoy a picnic at the dam or have sundowners with a view.  

Our interpretation of the 3 R’s is relax, refresh and re-connect.  We are always on-site and readily available to provide assistance and advice if needed.

Bee hives
Cows in the mist
Aerial view of farm