Meet “Survivor” the Black Angus Calf


We’ve got an incredible tale of resilience and hope to share with you today. It all started two weeks ago at Misty Moos, when one of our Black Angus calf steers faced a daunting battle for his life. But as we soon discovered, this little fighter was far from giving up!

The situation was grim, and we were unsure if there was any chance of survival. The odds seemed stacked against him, and all we could do was provide the best possible care and attention.

Through a combined effort of dedicated Misty Moos team members, he began to show signs of improvement and we are pleased to report he is now walking and back with his mother. Each day brought a glimmer of hope as he fought to overcome the challenges before him. The injection and round-the-clock care were crucial, but it was his sheer determination that astonished us all. We have named him “Survivor” and we are pleased to report that he is living up to his name!

We wanted to share this story not just to tug at your heartstrings but to remind ourselves of the strength and resilience that exists within every living being! You’ve got this “Survivor!”