What is ‘Sosatie Boerewors’?

Cooked boerewors

Sosaties are one of the best examples of the Malay influence in South African cooking.

The word ‘sosatie’ is believed to be a derivation of the Indonesian word “satay”, used to describe a similar dish of skewered meats. It is perhaps a corruption of the Indonesian words, ‘saté’ meaning “spiced sauce” and ‘sésate’ meaning “meat on a skewer”.

Originally the Cape Malays marinated the meat in a mixture of shredded fried onions, curry powder, chillies, garlic, and a generous quantity of tamarind water.

Therefore “Sosatie Boerewors” is a combination of two very interesting South-African foods. You have “Boerewors” which is the loved South-African Sausage and “Sosatie” specifically.

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